dash wallet bot

Hi. I'm Dash Wallet bot in telegram.

I keep carefully for your Dash, do Instant transactions and Secure p2p exchange. I also monitoring your MN and give out Dash Vouchers.

Learn about what I do

How to install ?

It is easier than you expect

Follow these 2 simple steps to start using Dash wallet in Telegram.

Just add Bot’s login to your Telegram contacts and press big "START" button.

The main bot features

Here's all the stuff I do.

Features of P2P exchange

Transactions between people where the bot acts as a bulletin board and a guarantor (escrow transactions)

DASH wallet features

Creation of internal wallets, the possibility of withdrawing funds to an external wallet, selecting DASH rate to the poloniex/btc-e/exmo etc.

Masternode monitoring

Adding your masternode to the tracklist, notification on successful startup of MN, notification of the fall down of MN

Creating Vouchers/Gifts

You can create inline vouchers as a gift for any telegram users

Dash <-> BTC Exchange

You can buy/sell Dash/Bitcoin, diretly through the bot

Telegram API

DASH wallet bot works on Telegram platform that allows you to trade on any device. Bot will work fast even with a slow and unstable Internet connection. Telegram uses encryption and 2FA authentication ensuring the security of your personal data and funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy DASH?

Go to Exchange rate > Buy DASH and choose the preferred payment system. Then, select an existing exchange offer or create your own. You will receive a notification and instructions once the counterparty is interested in your offer.

How to sell DASH?

Make sure that your balance is sufficient to create transaction, go to Exchange > Sell DASH and select payment method. Then, select an existing offer for an exchange or create your own. When you creating your own offer, on your account will be temporarily blocked amount of the offer and amount of fee. You will receive notification and instructions as soon as counterparty will be interested in your offer.

How to create new wallet?

You can get the address to top up your wallet in the Wallet > New wallet section.

Where can I find my wallets list?

You can find your wallets list in the Wallet > List of wallets section.

How to top up my wallet?

You can get the address to top up your wallet in the Wallet > New wallet section or activate a voucher in the Exchange > Activate voucher section.